In 2018 two passionate greyhound racing businesses came together to form Greyhound Syndicating Services (GSS).

Sandown Greyhound Racing Club (Sandown) and Spolly Syndications Pty Ltd (SSPL) had a vision to offer greyhound syndicates of the highest integrity and standards. The general public could be assured that the syndicates would maintain high animal welfare standards, comply with applicable national greyhound licensing laws and the Corporations Act.

GSS considers, in accordance with policy of Greyhound Racing Victoria, that syndication has a critically important role in the future of our industry, supporting increased participation and introducing new owners to the sport.

As an authorised representative of Primary Securities, GSS will provide syndication services to support racing clubs, syndicators, trainers, breeders and/or owners in promoting and managing greyhound syndicates in accordance with applicable laws, and with a view to maintaining high animal welfare standards and enhancing the greyhound industry.


On December 16, 2018, Greyhound Clubs Australia (GCA) with the support of Greyhound Syndicating Services (GSS) will conduct the inaugural National Greyhound Draft (NGD).

This innovative concept will see the formation of ten syndicates racing three greyhounds each. The NGD will be broadcast nationally with unprecedented media exposure of greyhound syndication.

GSS is calling for expressions of interest from greyhound industry participants around Australia to take part in this unique event.

The Draft Prospects

30 greyhounds have been selected by experienced greyhound expert George Farrugia – all immaculately bred. Each of the greyhounds selected will be less than 12 months of age on the day of the draft and have been reared at the Marty Hallinan and Trent Anderson establishments in central NSW and Deb Cannan’s in Tasmania. These 30 greyhounds will enter the National Greyhound Draft on December 16 where each of 10 team leaders will take turns ‘drafting’ the greyhounds into their team.  

A catalogue of the Draft Prospects is available now via this link and contains breeding information and video links to family race results.

The Team Leaders

The credentials of the ten Team Leaders (six trainer led, two media led and two owner led) will also be published in the catalogue for viewing and available on the National Greyhound Draft website by November 19.


Team of highly experienced
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Industry endorsed and fully compliant
Carefully selected & immaculately bred Draft Prospects
High Animal Welfare Standards
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