Do media and owners’ teams need to select their three unique trainers from the pool who applied to be considered?

Yes, firstly because those trainers have shown the interest and secondly with these four non-trainer teams we can have a further 12 trainers involved.

Do the trainers for the owners and media teams need to contribute to the Helping Hand fund and does the three-month rule apply?

No, the team is already fully paid up by the team captains or media outlets.

Yes, the three-month rule applies for all trainers. Beyond the three months the team leader will, if required, place the greyhound in the best possible kennel but always adhering to the criteria for selected trainers.

Will this December 16 2018 NGD be a one and only?

No, we intend to run at least annually. Trainers who meet the criteria, and miss the opportunity to be a team leader, will have future opportunities

Are the team leaders expected to rehome the three greyhounds?

No, this is built into the PDS and the responsibility of the Syndicate Manager

If I am not in the first 20 “expressions of interest” (EOI) for my chosen Team how do I get involved in a syndication?

Firstly the first 20 have given a non binding EOI and some may not take up the offer, we will then go to a wait list or beyond that advertise through traditional channels until the offer is exhausted.

Secondly by registering your interest, we will keep in touch with future opportunities