On December 16, 2018, Greyhound Clubs Australia (GCA) with the support of Greyhound Syndicating Services (GSS) will conduct the inaugural National Greyhound Draft (NGD).

This innovative concept will see the formation of ten syndicates racing three greyhounds each. The NGD will be broadcast nationally with unprecedented media exposure of greyhound syndication.

GSS is calling for expressions of interest from greyhound industry participants around Australia to take part in this unique event.

The Draft Prospects

30 greyhounds have been selected by experienced greyhound expert George Farrugia – all immaculately bred. Each of the greyhounds selected will be less than 12 months of age on the day of the draft and have been reared at the Marty Hallinan and Trent Anderson establishments in central NSW and Deb Cannan’s in Tasmania. These 30 greyhounds will enter the National Greyhound Draft on December 16 where each of 10 team leaders will take turns ‘drafting’ the greyhounds into their team.  

A catalogue of the Draft Prospects is available now via this link and contains breeding information and video links to family race results.

The Team Leaders

The credentials of the ten Team Leaders (six trainer led, two media led and two owner led) will also be published in the catalogue for viewing and available on the National Greyhound Draft website by November 19.

The Draft

Each syndicate’s Team Leader will draw their place in the draft and nominate the greyhound they wish to draft with each selection. The draft will be conducted as a Z formation draft and the selection order decided by blind draw similar to a box draw for major races. Selections for each team will be as follows;

Team 1: 1, 20, 21

Team 2: 2, 19, 22

Team 3: 3, 18, 23

Team 4: 4, 17, 24

Team 5: 5, 16, 25

Team 6: 6, 15, 26

Team 7: 7, 14, 27

Team 8: 8, 13, 28

Team 9: 9, 12, 29

Team 10: 10, 11, 30

The public will have the opportunity to express their interest in receiving a PDS about each syndicate during the broadcast of the draft and subsequently join the syndicates.

Trainer Expressions of Interest & Selection Criteria

GSS is seeking successful trainers to lead one of six syndicates, make the draft selections and training the three greyhounds in those syndicates. Additional trainers will be required to train individual greyhounds that are part of the remaining syndicates four syndicates – (two owner led and two media led).

In keeping with the vision of GSS to offer greyhound syndicates of the highest integrity and standards, trainers will be selected from expressions of interest and assessed against a range of key criteria, including;

  • Training history and record

  • Demonstration of high welfare standards

  • Reputation amongst the greyhound community

  • History of positive contribution to the promotion and development of our industry

  • Presentation of positive attitude and outlook for the future of our industry

Trainers will be selected from EOIs received by a panel of greyhound racing experts from around Australia comprised of:

Luke Gatehouse – Chief Executive Officer – Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club

Michael Floyd – Racing and Media Manager – Sandown Greyhound Racing Club

Ellen Harris – Operations Manager – NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners & Trainers Association

David Simonette – Executive Officer – Greyhound Clubs Australia (formerly AGRA)

Trainer Requirements

Trainers selected by the panel will need to make commitments to this exciting initiative to ensure the best experience possible for the greyhounds and owners that participate.

Trainers will be required to;

  • Contribute a $5000 payment to the Helping Hand Fund to support fellow participants  experiencing hardship

  • Commit to attending the National Greyhound Draft on December 16

  • Draft three greyhounds for their syndicate having researched the catalogue and prepared thoroughly to make informed selections

  • Commit to pre-event media and promotion of the NGD

  • Commit to making themselves available for the promotion of their syndicates during the term of the promotion of their selected greyhounds

  • Commit to retaining the greyhounds in their team in their kennel for a minimum of 3 months beyond pre-training

  • Commit to regular communication with the syndicate manager regarding the racing status of the greyhounds


Trainers from around Australia are invited to complete the online registration as their expression of interest before November 14. The successful trainers will be notified on November 16 and made public on November 19.

Register your interest here